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Driving lessons in Telford, Stafford and surrounding areas

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Why train to be an approved driving instructor?



Choosing to become an approved driving instructor is a great career move. It is very demanding, but also very rewarding. There are plenty of prospects and you will have the flexibility to plan your own workload.


Being an ADI involves more than teaching someone to drive a vehicle. The job requires patience and understanding, and the ability to get on with people. You will be responsible for developing a high standard of driving behaviour among new drivers, many of whom are young and inexperienced.


You will be responsible for your own safety, and that of your pupils and other road users.



As a driving instructor you will need to demonstrate a:


  • high regard for all aspects of road safety
  • high standard of driving and instructional ability
  • professional approach to your customers
  • responsible attitude to your pupils and profession



Why choose KSL driving school?


Unfortunately the general pass rate for potential driving instructors to qualify as approved driving instructors is very low.

  • Part 1= 51%


  • Part 2= 50%


  • Part 3= 30%


This is often because the level of support, guidance and motivation has not been provided as some instructor training centres leave huge gaps in understanding what is required of the training and the training provided is not on a one to one basis to identify individual learning styles and learning ability. Most of the lessons are in house or in car with other pupils. KSL does not use this approach to learning.

We offer one to one tuition, which means however long we are in the car we are focusing on your training and development.

We will adapt our training style to meet your individual needs to whatever stage you are at. You could be a complete beginner, part way through the driving instructors training or you may have failed the test and want to re apply.

We will provide you with the vital insight into the DVSA syllabus and pre-set tests  to understand what’s expected of you. We will provide constructive, informative advice and a training record  to aid your development. We will provide the resources necessary to pass all 3 parts and qualify as an approved driving instructor.

We will provide the instructional car which is fitted with dual controls which can be used when taking part 2 and part 3 tests. We will provide training and support around your current commitments.


A free1 hour assessment can be provided to assess your confidence and ability to qualify as a driving instructor.



Are you eligible to become an approved driving instructor?


Firstly, you will need to register with the Driving Vehicle  Standards Agency (DVSA) as a potential driving instructor (PDI) by submitting AD13 form.



To be eligible for this you will need to:


  • hold a full UK, European Union or European Economic Area unrestricted car driving licence


  • have held the car driving licence for at least four out of the previous six years prior to joining the register after qualifying


  • have not been disqualified from driving at any time in the four years prior to joining the Register


  • be a ‘fit and proper’ person to have your name entered on the Register. (This is done via an enhanced DBS check) and will look into all spent and unspent convictions, both motoring and non-motoring and fixed penalties such as speeding.


     There is no charge to apply to be a PDI or for an enhanced DBS check.




Do you posses the skills and competence required of an approved driving instructor?

  • You will need a thorough knowledge of the theory and practice of driving, have the ability to teach and provide a professional service to people from different backgrounds and the business sense to enable you to work as an        independent instructor



  • The qualifying process consists of three tests:

                   theory (part one)

              driving ability assessment (part two)

              test of instructional ability (part three)


  • You will have a 2 year period in which to qualify after passing the part one test.


  • You will have to pass all 3 tests and a maximum of 3 attempts is allowed for part 2 and 3




Part 1 Theory Test (Cost £81)

(Unlimited attempts)

100 multiple choice questions and a video based Hazard Perception Test.


There are 4 categories of theory questions divided into:


Road Procedure

Traffic signs, signals, Car control, Pedestrians, mechanical knowledge

The Driving Test, Disabilities, The Law

Publications/ Instructional Techniques


You must achieve 80% in each category and 85% overall to pass. It is possible for you to achieve an overall of 85% or higher but still fail the test because you have not gained the minimum of 85% in any one or more of the 4 categories.


The exam takes 90 minutes and contains 100 multiple choice questions. The Hazard Perception Test contains 14 Clips of potential hazards. You must achieve 57 out of 75 points. One of the clips includes two potential hazards. You must pass both parts to obtain a satisfactory pass result.

The part one training can be done at home on a PC using a theory CD for potential driving instructors. However, support and guidance can be given to enable you to pass part one.


Part 2 - Driving Ability Test (cost £111)

(3 attempts allowed)

You will be expected  to perform the following:


Eyesight Test - Read a car number plate from 27.5 m with glasses or contact lenses if needed.

Show me Tell me Questions

Advanced Driving Ability Test

Expertise in handling of the car's controls

Use of correct road procedures

Anticipation of and reaction to the other road users' actions

Correct judgement of distance, speed and timing

Consideration for the convenience and safety of other road users

Five Manoeuvres


KSL will provide you with advanced driving instruction at £35 per hour to ensure you pass your driving test. There is no set amount of hours and these instructional hours can be worked around your full time working commitments.

An example could be to have 5-10 hours instruction to identify the poor driving skills that you have acquired since you passed your driving test, to teach you the current ECO driving methods and the manoeuvres required for the test. You can then practice the newly acquired skills during your own day to day driving.

You could then either book more lessons if required or have a mock test to assess whether you have reached the high standard of driving required to pass part 2. The amount of lessons required will depend on the ability of each individual.


Part 3 - Instruction Ability Test(cost £111)

(3 attempts allowed).

The Part Three test is in 2 phases each of the 2 phases will take about 30 minutes, (one hour test) and you will be expected to instruct to the level advised by the examiner. Phase one is instruction to a novice driver and phase 2 is instruction to an experienced driver. The examiner takes the place of the pupil and asks you to instruct him in two of the following subjects:

Moving off and stopping


Reversing around a corner

Turn in the road

Parallel parking

Emergency stop and mirrors

Approaching and turning corner

Emerging from junctions

Judgement of speed, making progress and positioning



Pedestrian crossings and signals

Overtaking, crossing the path, meeting and clearance

Progress, hesitancy, road position

Instruction to a qualified driver who requires development


Please note that the test fees are extra and are payable to the DVSA.




After successfully passing part 3, you must apply for registration as an ADI within 12 months. ADI Licence £300 valid for 4 years


Failure to pass both practical exams within the two-year period, or not applying for ADI registration within 12 months of passing the final exam, will mean starting the process again from the beginning.


Please also refer to

Search for ADI 14 (July 2010)

‘Your road to becoming an approved driving instructor’

This can be downloaded from the DSA website and provides a guide of everything you need to know before registering to become a Potential Driving Instructor.


A Trainee Licence option


After successfully passing the part 2 test, you have the opportunity to apply for a trainee licence (£140) which is valid for 6 months. This will give you the opportunity to have paying pupils either on a full or part time basis and develop your teaching skills.

KSL driving school would be your sponsors for this and would have to sit in on 25% of your lessons. To be eligible for a trainee licence, you would have to complete 40 hours training with your sponsored driving school. The cost for the 40 hours at £30 per hour would be £1200. This can be paid by the hour when used and not as an upfront full payment.

Your 40 hours instruction will be on a one-to-one basis to teach you how to instruct pupils. You will be provided with a comprehensive professional visual aid outlining the part 3 pre set tests. This can not only be used for the part 3 test but for the rest of your driving instructing career.

You would need to pass the part 3 instructional test within 6 months and only 3 attempts are allowed. However, if you have not completed the 3 attempts of the part 3 test when your 6 month trainee licence period ends you will still have up to 2 years to qualify from the date of passing your part 1 theory test when you can receive additional training.


No Trainee Licence option

You don’t have to take the trainee licence option but could receive one - one part 3 training at £30 per hour and take your part 3 test.

It is estimated that with one - one training and some independent learning in your own time, you could be ready for your test after 50 hours but this is dependent on your ability and whether independent study is completed. (Cost 50 hours @30.00 = £1500)


Franchise opportunity

KSL not only deliver the training necessary to qualify as an approved driving instructor, we will offer opportunities for you to develop your skills as an instructor with our driving school franchises.

We will provide you not only with the help and support necessary to develop your business but you will benefit from your driving school franchise because we will provide you with the back up and support so that you can earn the money you need, working the hours you want.

KSL’s website includes direct links to the DVSA theory and practical tests and has the show me tell me questions that pupils require. We advertise in the local newspapers, are on goggle maps and the driving school directory.

We don’t just pass pupils on and expect you to do the rest, their first contact with us is your point of sale, so we give a warm friendly welcome, explain the promotional introductory offers and prices, then forward them to you to fit into your own working diary. We will not dictate to you when you have to work as some franchises do. If you want to work a shortened week with no evenings and weekends then this will be acceptable.

We will not charge you a franchise fee when you initially start until we have provided you with 15 leads.

A fee of £50 per week will then be payable. You will not pay a franchise for 4 weeks in any year when you are on holiday.