Driving Lesson Prices

One hour driving lesson £25

One hour 30 minute lesson £37.50

Two hour lesson £50

Terms & conditions apply.
If lessons are not booked the money is non refundable after 4 months


Block Booking Prices

10 hours = £240 (£24.00 per hour)

20 hours = £470 (£23.50 per hour)

Terms & conditions apply.
If lessons are not booked the money is non refundable after 4 months


Intensive Driving Course (Manual car)

This course is designed  for those with no experience and have passed their theory test and maybe have their practical test booked.

The course is 40 hours at a cost of £1200. Please contact Graham for more information 07525 167 082


RescueDriving Course.

This is designed for people who are at an overall safe standard. Ideal if you have failed recently and need some rescue training, or are at test standard and have not driven recently

10 hours £350

If you have had approximately 20 plus hours with a previous instructor and have a good standard of driving and need some remedial instruction to prepare for your driving test.

15 hours £500

Passplus Course

This is aimed at new drivers to build on existing skills and knowledge. Pass Plus consists of 6 practical modules which include:

– driving in town

– driving in adverse weather conditions

– driving on rural roads

-driving on dual carriageways, motorways

– driving at night

You will be issued with a passplus certificate on completion from the DVSA which can give you up to 35% discount on your motor insurance depending on your insurance company.

6hrs = £175


Passplus Extra Course

If you take the pass plus extra you will need to attend a 2 hour workshop at your local council office plus 6 hours in car training as above.
This will give you a reduced cost of £60 for pass plus extra which will enable you to get a reduced insurance rate of up to 30% from some insurance companies.

The additional amount (£60)can be claimed by KSL from the local council


Motorway Tuition

Learners do not receive any instruction on motorway driving which is very worrying when you consider the high speeds involved. A two hour lesson on a motorway will increase confidence and could potentially be life saving.

2 hours = £55 (£50 if using your own vehicle)


Refresher Courses

2 hours + £55 (£50 if using your own vehicle)


Terms of Agreement

As is common with other driving schools, a pupil will be charged for failing to provide sufficient notice for cancellation of lessons.

48 hours notice is required if a pupil is unable to attend their lesson otherwise the lesson will be charged for the loss of revenue.

If you are deemed to be unfit by your instructor due to alcohol, drugs or present without your glasses, then your lesson will be cancelled and you will be charged for the lesson.