I really can’t thank Dan enough for all his help with me from start to finish. He believed in me and made me feel comfortable. He helped me not to give up when I had  knock backs. It will be weird not having our weekly lessons.

Karla Louise Hunnisett -

I finally think I have calmed down from the giddy excitement of passing my driving test on the first attempt and I have Tom to thank. At 35, I finally got round to learning to drive and despite Tom’s age you would think Tom had been teaching for years. He put me at ease from day 1 and had lots of patience even when other road users were honking or pedestrians were ducking for cover (I am joking ha ha!) Following mock tests and lots of practice by the time the big day came around, I felt confident and as prepared as I could possibly be. Tom did a wonderful job and I can’t recommend KSL enough for anyone of my age to learn to drive. I am even trying to convince my aunt that its about time she learned to drive and obviously there is only one driving school I would recommend.

Stu, Bromstead -

Had my first driving lesson today after 17 years was a little bit nervous but Graham was great.. really friendly .. calm and completely put me at ease.. I’m looking forward to next week already and finally driving eventually.

Laura Janusch -

Great instructor and a nice bloke. Passed first time with only 3 minors!

Ben Turner -

Passed first time, thanks so much Tom. Great driving instructor easy to get along with and helped me get through my test.

Harry Freeman -

Fantastic service, calm and reassuring driving instructor who is always on time and always a great laugh. Enjoyed every moment with KSL. Highly Recommend for any learners or newcommers to driving.

Ceara Kaveney -