Q. How many driving lessons will I need?

This depends on you!!! To be at test standard you will need professional tuition backed up with additional private practice but this is only guidance as it depends on your age, how regular you take lessons and your level of confidence. A record will be kept of how many lessons you have had plus subjects covered in each lesson so that you will have a clear indication of your progress.


Q. How do I apply for a provisional Licence?

You need to have a provisional licence before you can commence driving lessons. You can apply for this by completing a D1 application form that is available form your Post Office or on line from the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) form ordering service. This can take up to 4 weeks so if you want to be having lessons on your 17th birthday make sure you apply early.

You will need to present your driving licence to your instructor.


Q. How do I study for the theory test?

The computerised theory test is made up of 2 parts, multiple choice questions and hazard perception. A free online. Subscription will be given by your Instructor when you start your lesson with KSL. Please see the theory test/ hazard perception menu option for more information.


Q. Do Driving Instructors have a DBS check?

All Driving Instructors have a DBS check done by the Driving  Vehicle Standards Agency. Your Instructor can show you the DBS certificate on request.


Q. How do I book a theory and practical test?

Book on-line via the DVSA website  or telephone the DVSA on 0300200 1122. The cost of the theory test is £23

Please note that you have to pass the theory test before you can take a practical driving test.

You can book a practical test on line  from the DVSA website but you need to ask your Instructor whether you are ready to take the practical test as it can be costly to keep retaking your test and it may reduce your confidence if you fail on numerous occasions.

Your Instructor will carry out a mock test during your lesson to check if you are ready.

The cost of a practical driving test for a car is £62 for a week day test and £75 on a Saturday. If you are a disqualified driver and require an extended test the cost is £124 for a weekday test and £150 for a Saturday test.


Q. How long are the waiting Lists?

This depends on the driving centre you have chosen but if the waiting list is long then you can ask for a cancellation by telephoning the DVSA or checking regularly on -line.


Q. How do I postpone/cancel a practical test? 

So that you do not lose your test fee, you need to give the DSA 3 clear working days notice. The DVSA will give you the date  on your appointment letter if you need to cancel or postpone.


Q. What do I need to take with me to the practical test?

The photo id card  will need to be given to the Examiner before your test.

Please note that if they are not produced, your test will be cancelled.

Also take your appointment letter to confirm the booking as sometimes mistakes can be made.


Q. What can I expect from the Examiner?

The Examiners are trained to put you at ease and some examiners may be more chatty than others and make small talk. However, it is very important that you concentrate on your driving and do not become distracted.