Pass Plus

Now that you have passed your driving test you will have the independence to drive alone. Many life skills are learned by trial and error but the consequences of an error on a road due to lack of experience may be catastrophic.

Statistics show that new drivers are more likely to have an accident within their first years of driving than at any other time of their driving career.

– Two young people die under 25 years every day in crashes in Great Britain
– One driver in five is involved in a crash in their first year of driving
– Newly qualified drivers are a higher than average risk whatever their age (

Pass plus offers new drivers professional instruction to gain the quality experience necessary to become a more skilful driver and avoid the potential for an accident. It will develop your existing experience and anticipation skills so that you can plan and deal with hazards safely. It can also increase your confidence whilst driving alone. You will be taught how to drive on a variety of roads with different traffic situations, many of which you probably won’t have experienced before.

Pass plus is a six module, six hour training syllabus designed by the DSA

Module 1- Town driving
Module 2- All weather driving
Module 3- Out of town driving
Module 4- Night driving
Module 5- Dual carriageway driving
Module 6- Motorway driving